WOS Intros Versatile ‘DigiOmeter’


Product: DigiOmeter³ Digital Pupilometer (#2061DP³)
Top Line: The DigiOmeter³ provides digital accuracy when measuring interpupillary distance (PD) and pupillary height readings. Measurement options include PD and right/left monocular distance PLUS digitally accurate pupillary height readings for multifocal Rx.
Close Up: This instrument measures the distance between the pupils and from the eyewire to the pupil, by focusing the spot of light reflecting off of the patient’s retina. Using a highly accurate linear sensor, the reflection is bisected vertically or horizontally to take the reading. This pupilometer features an easily visible wide-angle LCD numeric readout. It’s easy, user friendly functions eliminate operator error and increases measuring accuracy.
Vital Stats:
• Data range: Binocular PD 46-82mm, Monocular PD 23-41mm
• Distance Range: 300-infinity
• Indication, Rounding and Asymmetric Error: <.5mm
• Power Source: DC3V (two AA batteries)
• Automatic Off: after two minutes on standby
• Size: 232mm length x 163mm width x 71mm height
• Weight: 28 oz.
• Price: $315.00
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