Jennifer Wademan’s Instagram page is a carefully curated platform that is indicative of its purpose—to be a creative, yet educational and an informative outlet. While it mostly showcases Wademan’s life as an optometrist, the page also features glances into her private life as a mother and a wife. A native of northern California, Dr. Wademan is a bonafide veteran of the optometry field, with 11 years of professional experience under her belt.

Her Instagram page, DrJenWademan was created first as a solely professional Instagram account. However, after some time, it naturally evolved to feature other facets of her life beyond the exam room.

“The page started out strictly as a business page in order to show a little bit of the culture and personality of my optometry office. It’s definitely evolved from highlighting my office to sharing my life as an eye doctor, mom, and all the in-between facets of work and life that my life revolves around,” Wademan stated. “I’m sort of just striving to encourage others, trying to be an authentic version of myself while living a life where I do the things I enjoy and bring joy to what I do for others.”

Dr. Wademan’s page covers a range of topics. Her images are often accompanied by captions about everything from the new equipment in her office, her hobbies, surviving the first couple of weeks of school with her daughters, a scientific fact about the eyes she may have ran into, and of course, the occasional burnout that happens when we have too many balls in the air. While Wademan’s posts may seem pre-planned, she actually goes with the flow when it comes to selecting topics and covers each issue as it presents itself.

“I would like to say I strategically write about a clear-defined range of topics. I feel like that would make me sound really on top of things huh? But it's so not true. I’m often asking myself the question when I post, ‘is this even relevant?’ I’m constantly worrying that I’m getting too off topic of my page,” Wademan explained.

“I’d like to think they are all topics that I’m somewhat qualified to speak on, like optometry, eye health, motherhood, working women, etc. Most of the content is stuff I encounter and find interesting. I love fashion, health and wellness and fitness so sometimes those things come out in the posts too.”

Though she doesn’t have a set schedule or list of topics lined up on the back burner, Wademan’s content clearly resonates with her audience. DrJenWademan currently stands at 1,143 followers, with her audience constantly engaging in the comments. Her target audience are people like herself—working mothers who are balancing being hands-on parents and wives, as well as hands-on business owners as well. 

Aside from the Instagram page, Wademan also runs a personal blog where she goes a lot more in-depth on some of the topics she talks about on her Instagram page. The blog serves as another creative outlet where Wademan can fully flesh out her thoughts without inundating her audience.

“IG has really allowed me to share my voice by embracing the mix bag of motherhood, work and life. In the process of continually stepping outside my comfort zone, sharing more and more about myself, I’ve discovered a renewed love for what I do and sharing what I do. I wanted to say more and share more. To be honest, I had an ‘in construction’ website for a year, it was actually for my business and I just never used it. So, I thought why not use it as another creative outlet for me to share, connect, hopefully educate and encourage.”

Because the blog is an extension of the Instagram page, she takes more time curating content. While she updates Instagram daily, her blog posts are spaced out a lot more because the content on there is more expansive.

“I try to make sure the content I’m putting out can be sourced and is legit. I spend a little more time, making sure content is credible, wording is understandable, etc. I also try to put more pictures on the website which take more time because I’m neurotic about having pictures that look good,” she explained.

While she could always use more hours in the day, Wademan has found pockets of time to dedicate to her Instagram page. She squeezes in moments in the early mornings, during her lunchtime, at night, or right before bed to update her page.

Overall, Dr. Wademan is enjoying being active online and exploring her creative side. She hopes that her followers and readers cannot only learn something, but that they find her page to be a source of fun, yet educational and encouraging light reads.

“The main purpose is to enlighten and entertain. Maybe to learn a little something, indulge in more frivolous stuff like fashion, connect with others thru motherhood, parenting, or work-life balance. I really want them to be fun, encouraging, helpful and engaging. If I can brighten someone’s day or put a smile on their face, I would feel pretty darn good about what I’m doing,” she concluded.