There’s no question that the demand for education is high in all areas of the optical industry. “We have seen a need for access to continued education and learning, especially right now,” said Chris King, global associate director, marketing education, Transitions Optical. “That’s one reason why, after two years, it was great to celebrate the 25th Transitions Academy in person with more than 850 industry experts from 45 countries around the world. Transitions Academy has always been about building a community of eyecare and optical industry professionals who are advancing the industry around the world, and the energy at this year’s event demonstrated the impact of being together in person.”

Throughout the pandemic, Transitions Optical has been conducting market research and surveys to find out what kind of education ECPs want from the company. “A recent Transitions survey found that more than half of ECPs say recruiting staff is a challenge for them, and by focusing on developing and educating their team, they can keep them engaged and retained and even attract new talent,” King added. “Other major topics we’re seeing an interest in from ECPs are protection, style and digital solutions that became more needed and mainstream because of the pandemic.”

In response, the company is expanding and evolving content, events and learning opportunities. For example, Transitions Studio offers in-person education for smaller, regional groups. These train-the-trainer events give attendees Transitions product knowledge and market insights so they can create an action plan to train their own team and become a Certified Transitions Trainer.

Not all eyecare professionals who want to learn about Transitions lenses are able to attend in-person events. In order to reach more ECPs, the company launched the Transitions Certification Program ( in 2020. This program is an interactive online learning experience focusing on light and the need for light management, and how Transitions can meet those needs. Once participants complete the training, they become certified Transitions Specialists.

King said ECPs also want to know how to engage with consumers using digital tools like Transitions’ light sensitivity quiz ( and virtual try-on tool ( “Consumers want options when it comes to style and protection. Our research shows that 78 percent of eyeglass wearers agree that all eyeglasses should offer the best in terms of both UV and blue light filters. Our goal is to provide tools and resources so ECPs can start the conversation about light and provide their patients with the education and lens recommendations they desire.”

Looking ahead, Transitions will host more Transitions Studio events later this year. Along with that, new content is being added to the Transitions Certification Program to provide more resources and education for certified trainers.