The end of the year always seems to bring an atmosphere of reflection with it. We tend to look back on what we could have done better, what we wish we would have done and above all what we’ve learned and how those lessons can usher us into the coming year. On social media, people use the end of the year as an opportunity to connect a bit more by sharing personal anecdotes. From sharing highlights and regrets from the past year, New Year’s resolutions and even baby announcements, the New Year gives people reason to get a bit more nostalgic and sentimental on social media than usual.

The transition into 2019, was of course, no different. Yearly generators such as Top Nine and 2018 Best Nine became popular once again as they allowed people to enter their usernames and created a collage of their nine best posts of the year on Instagram. With Instagram Stories, users were also able to chronicle their favorite moments of the year through photos and videos.

Independent ECPs from across the nation also took part in the social media festivities. While there were posts looking back at 2018, some urged their followers to look to the year ahead instead. Vision Monday has created a small compilation of Instagram posts from ECPs commemorating the New Year.