Dr. Iravani, right, with her family at the Sip + SEE event.
We took a new approach in hosting our trunk show at the end of last year, showing our appreciation by inviting patients to join us at Fleming's restaurant, which is located in our shopping center. We thought our patients would appreciate an invitation to a holiday champagne brunch at a nice restaurant versus bringing them back in our office as we've done in the past. As much as our patients like our office, it's still a nice change to be treated at a fine restaurant.

The special format, which we advertised as a Sip + SEE, was well-received and a big success. While we chose to do this event over the holidays, this setting could be applicable for many different kinds of events throughout the year. Don’t shy away from the idea of champagne brunch and the expenses associated with the event. This was not an inexpensive event for us, but I don’t think it would have been much less if we had held it in our office because we see the value in investing in a top-notch experience. Everyone in attendance was very appreciative.

We reached out to our optical vendors and asked them to help sponsor the event. Companies from Zeiss, Luxottica and Marchon as well as others participated and supported our event in some way. All reps brought their latest collections. The restaurant was reserved for our event, so in a way, it looked like a mini trade show.


Due to the close proximity to our office, all patients were asked to check in at our office. At the time of check-in, their insurance information was pulled and given to them in their lanyard. Once at the restaurant, we had all the necessary info re their coverage and staff was able to review their co-pays.

Consider thinking outside the box for your next frame show. What can you do to make the experience unique for patients? We'd love to hear your ideas and what you've implemented before. Email me today.

This story originally appeared in Women In Optometry