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VSP Vision Care Survey Measures Sentiments Around Annual Health Benefits Enrollment

By Staff
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 12:30 AM

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Vision Care recently completed its third annual “Open Talk about Open Enrollment” survey to gauge how employees feel about the upcoming open enrollment process, the period every year when employees sign up for their insurance benefits through their employer.

The bottom line, according to the VSP Vision Care announcement, is that most employees feel pretty good going into the next benefits sign-up period.

In one question, respondents were asked about a list of six activities they would choose “to never do again,” and open enrollment ranked fifth on the list, “with most preferring the yearly [open-enrollment] ritual to activities such as getting a root canal and running into an ex-spouse.”

The survey also asked respondents to rank (in order of preference) a list of annual to-dos, including open completing the open-enrollment process. “The majority said they’d much rather complete the process over budgeting for the holidays, spring cleaning and trying on swim suits, among eight options,” the VSP Vision Care announcement noted.

In addition, respondents also were asked about their preferences on what they would prioritize 30 minutes for during their day. The majority said they would prioritize spending that time completing open enrollment above all other options, including: getting an oil change, getting a manicure, and waiting in line at a coffee house, among other options.

Another finding of the survey is that a majority of respondents are not aware if their employer offers post-retirement vision insurance benefits. “Just 21 percent of respondents are aware that their employer offers post-retirement vision insurance benefits, but of those, 82 percent are likely to enroll,” the VSP Vision Care announcement noted. “On the contrary, if an employer does not offer post-retirement vision insurance benefits, nearly two-thirds either don’t plan, or don’t yet know if they will obtain these benefits elsewhere, through VSP or otherwise.”

Overall, the VSP Vision Care announcement noted, that the majority of employees who reported a feeling of “dread” or “annoyance” going into the open-enrollment period dropped from 36 percent in 2016 to 31 percent this year.

Additional results from the 2017 poll are online here.

Click here to see an infographic of the survey results.
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