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PERC+IVA Enter Strategic Partnership with Michigan Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

By Staff
Monday, September 10, 2018 12:21 AM

WEST COVINA, Calif.—The PERC+IVA organization has entered into a strategic partnership with the Michigan Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (MiSEPS), a membership organization representing medical eye physicians and surgeons in the State of Michigan. David Golden, OD, president of PERC+IVA, said, “We are fortunate MiSEPS chose to partner with PERC+IVA.” Both organizations will bring value to the partnership. MiSEPS members will enjoy the benefits of partnering with the largest, and still the fastest growing, doctor alliance group in the country.”

With the partnership, PERC+IVA will add additional members to their base, which will further strengthen their ability to continually deliver best in class pricing to keep their members competitive and independent, the announcement said. Currently PERC+IVA have a total of about 4,850 locations while MiSEPS has about 250 locations.

PERC+IVA will continue to develop innovative tools and resources necessary for the independent practice to thrive in a highly competitive industry. “We want to support our doctors and help them thrive as they serve their patients as medical eye physicians and surgeons in Michigan," said Maura Campbell, executive director of MiSEPS. “In today’s competitive environment, we were particularly interested in partnering with PERC+IVA to help our independent practice doctors. The potential to bring in additional revenue to help us better meet the needs of all our members is attractive too.”

MiSEPS encourages and promotes high quality medical care for patients by enhancing the image of the practice of ophthalmology, promoting professional growth of Michigan ophthalmologists through continuing education and providing political leadership that ensures continuing high standards of medical eyecare in Michigan.
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