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Mykita Debuts Sunglass Collaboration With Martine Rose

By  Jamie Wilson
Monday, June 11, 2018 12:00 AM
BERLIN—Mykita has teamed up with Martine Rose, the London-based fashion house on a sunglass collaboration. The Kitt frame, exuding an offbeat aesthetic, shows off the penchant of both labels to push boundaries while sharing a design language with a strong understanding for shape and proportion.

A bold take on the euphoric style of the 90s dance scene, this modified cat eye silhouette subverts the wraparound shades of the era with a cropped, straight top line and a flat profile. The style is showcased in solid colors such as Antique Red, New Lime, Royal Blue and Black to round off the irreverent vibe. The tongue-in-cheek spirit of the product packaging carries on via subtle inscriptions on the sun lenses.

Kitt by Mykita + Martine Rose is available in Mykita Shops and E-Shop, as well as selected fashion stores.
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