Vision Monday


Lasik Surgery—‘Coming Into Sharper Focus’

By Staff

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 11:53 AM

From The New York Times, “The Food and Drug Administration approved the first lasers to correct vision in the 1990s. Roughly 9.5 million Americans have had laser eye surgery, lured by the promise of a quick fix ridding them of nettlesome glasses and contact lenses. There is also a wide perception among patients, fostered by many eye doctors who do the surgery, that the procedure is virtually foolproof. As far back as 2008, however, patients who had received Lasik and their families testified at an F.D.A. meeting about impaired vision and chronic pain that led to job loss and disability, social isolation, depression—and even suicides. Even now, serious questions remain about both the short- and long-term risks and the complications of this increasingly common procedure. Read More.
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