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In[sta] Living Color

By Jamie Wilson
Friday, August 10, 2018 1:29 PM

NEW YORK—When I was younger, I loved going through my print issues of NYLON, TeenVogue and Seventeen, clipping out color palettes, fonts and editorials that caught my eye to craft my inspiration boards. With the rise of digital (and two of those print publications no longer in existence), social media (especially Instagram) has provided me with an endless supply of colorful, aesthetically pleasing images to digitally collage.

From accounts for beauty brands, popular apps and design to d├ęcor and even eyewear brands, there’s so much beautifully curated content to take in.

A bonafide Pantone lover, I’m especially drawn to accounts that showcase an elevated use of color. Earlier this summer, Pantone, which usually works in a cotton color standard, introduced its polyester standards, expanding its fashion, home + interiors management system.

The company explained that its polyester standards are ideal for fashion accessories and home markets, athleisure, footwear, swimwear and sleepwear as an addition to its Fashion, Home + Interiors System. The swatches are dyed on 100 percent warp knit polyester, and these products can be effectively used for color management in polyester, poly-blends and other synthetic materials. The new Pantone Polyester Swatch Set is composed of 203 new colors, ranging from timeless neutrals to eye-popping neons that are not available in the existing cotton library and cannot be reproduced in cotton with the same degree of clarity or intensity.

“In today’s culture where color plays such an important part in our visual identity, we see an increasing desire for more saturated colors that help us stand out; colors beyond those formulated for natural fibers; colors whose appearance displays greater hue intensity,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Color Institute. “Our new polyester offering addresses this demand for a deeper level of coloration, resulting in a comprehensive mix of colors relevant across design industries including all fashion- and lifestyle-driven markets, as well as home furnishings.”

With Pantone expanding its offerings to accommodate all of the creatives out there, it’s time to take to Instagram to get our creative juices flowing and saturate ourselves in color inspiration.

The @mydailypantone Instagram account cleverly pairs Pantone color swatches with items in real life and often creates new images in the model of the iconic Pantone swatch such as “Pantone: Frida Kahlo.”



Canadian eyewear brand, Fellow Earthlings, shows off ethereal color pairing with acetates that invoke the sunsets on Canada’s Prince Edward Island to colors that are inspired by the latest spring blooms.



A Color Story is a photography and technology company that specializes in mobile imaging apps, Lightroom Presents and Photoshop Actions. The A Color Story app is used to make fresh, colorful images and its accompanying Instagram page doesn’t disappoint.



If you know Kirk & Kirk products, you already know that the company is known for its use of color. From curated product images to color inspiration posts, @kirkandkirk, is a treasure trove of beautifully curated snaps shots focused on color.


Whether they’re design, travel or eyewear inspired, we’d love for you to share your color inspiration with us. Show us your favorites by tagging @visionmonday in your most-loved Instagram shots.
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