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Healthy Eyes Advantage HEA 20/20 Program Debuts Customized ‘Solution Pathways’ for Independents

By Staff
Monday, July 16, 2018 12:27 AM

BOCA RATON, Fla.—Healthy Eyes Advantage, Inc. (HEA) is debuting its new HEA 20/20 Program to support, in tailored and customized ways for ECPs, the company’s goal of providing Solution Pathways to enhance all aspects of practice. The new program began July 1. “Healthy Eyes Advantage is dedicated to delivering uncomplicated, proven solutions that support each independent eyecare professional’s unique journey to success,” said Jim McGrann, the company’s executive chairman. He emphasized, “Our new HEA 20/20 Program and Solution Pathways are designed to provide a holistic approach with easy access to everything an IECP needs to run an effective, efficient practice.”

“Beginning this month, Healthy Eyes Advantage members will benefit from enhanced HEA 20/20 optical purchasing programs, with HEA members receiving notice of new program offerings in mid-July,” stated Jeff Rinkus, president and CEO. “The HEA 20/20 program will be rolled out on a progressive basis, with a broader choice of products and services, including technology-based services to improve workflow efficiencies, patient engagement and patient outcomes, introduced on a regular basis for the next several months.”

The HEA 20/20 Program is available to the members of all of the companies that comprise Healthy Eyes Advantage: HMI/Red Tray/Club Zero, Vision West, C&E and Block Business Group. The program is also open to new members, including optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians. IECPs interested in learning more about the HEA 20/20 Program are invited to call Healthy Eyes Advantage at 800-959-2020.

Lorie Lippiatt, OD, HEA’s senior vice president of professional strategies, elaborated on the company’s expanded product portfolio, “Although optical purchasing continues to be a key part of the Healthy Eyes Advantage offering, our team understands that empowering independent eye care professionals to succeed in a rapidly-evolving optical industry means more than just lowering cost of goods. We are focusing on five key areas that independents have told us are critical to their success. The HEA Solution Pathways focus on the following key practice efficiency areas:

• Savings
• Technology
• Education
• Patient Engagement
• Payment Solutions

Lippiatt noted that HEA’s Solution Pathways are an important differentiator in driving value for the company’s members. “Our new comprehensive menu of solutions addresses the business and practice challenges faced by independents. As a practicing optometrist, I have firsthand knowledge of the issues independents face each and every day, and I am excited that our Solution Pathways will give Healthy Eyes Advantage members the ease of working with a single source for all of their purchasing and practice support needs,” she stated.

Healthy Eyes Advantage provides business and practice solutions and group purchasing services to more than 10,000 independent eyecare professionals. Based in Boca Raton, Fla., with offices in San Clemente, Calif., San Diego, Calif., and Vicksburg, Miss., the company provides full customer support through these regional offices. Further information is available from Diane John, HEA’s VP marketing at (601) 629-6683 or
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