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Co-Managed Website Marketing Is a Solution
For Busy Modern Eyes Optometry

By Bonnie Viera, CLICK Contributor
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 4:15 PM

NEW YORK—Starting a new practice is a huge venture; attracting new patients often consumes more time than doctors have available. Howard Wang, OD, owner and practitioner at Modern Eyes Optometry found himself in this predicament when he opened his practice in Carlsbad, Calif., in 2015.

Dr. Howard Wang

Initially, he launched a custom business website, but soon found the custom platform was a hassle to update and he realized it wasn’t delivering the results he had hoped for. After only two months with his custom site, Dr. Wang brought his concerns to iMatrix, a leader in vision care website services, to see if they could help.

Wang found a solution in iMatrix’s semi-customizable website designs and managed marketing services. With 65 mobile responsive, modern designs to choose from, he was able to find just the right fit and add customized elements to set his practice apart. Furthermore, the user-friendly admin panel meant that he could easily make website changes whenever needed without expert help. But, if he did need assistance, iMatrix was an email or phone call away. The admin panel’s built-in dashboard tracks the number of visits, traffic sources and online leads—all so Wang can easily keep tabs on the site performance from a central system.

Balancing the demands of a busy practice with the needs of a comprehensive online marketing program proved to be too much for one person to handle, according Wang. The solution has been co-managed marketing where both iMatrix and the Modern Eyes’ office contribute to marketing efforts. While iMatrix is responsible for keeping the practice’s social media pages active with eyecare related content, Modern Eyes is able to augment those efforts with its own personalized social posts. “I wish I had time to manage Facebook and social media,” said Wang. “iMatrix solutions are great because the service fills in the gaps where I lack time.”

A professional office video added to the new website shows off the beautiful office
and helps improve organic search ranking results.

A key factor of being found online by new patients is ranking highly in organic search results. Over the course of the last year since Wang partnered with iMatrix, Modern Eye’s organic ranking in local search results for optometry-related terms has steadily climbed. In fact, Modern Eyes’ comes up on the first page of Google ( in local search results for several keywords such as contact lens, red eyes, eye exam and optometrist. “I’ve noticed a spike in new patient phone calls and I know the site draws more people into read pages like my bio. So far, I’ve had a very good experience and really enjoy my website,” said Wang.

iMatrix provides mobile-friendly websites designed specifically for eyecare and other health care professionals. Their online marketing solutions include social media management and SEO, among other services. For more information about features of a successful website, online marketing and how to increase new patients, download iMatrix’s free e-book titled “Wake Up Your Website’s Potential.”

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