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Blackfin Releases New App, ‘Blackfin Airstream Clients’

By  CLICK Staff

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 10:10 AM
Blackfin has debuted a new app, Blackfin Airstream Clients reserved for opticians who are existing customers to better access Blackfin products. Available for both Android and iOS, Blackfin Airstream Clients has been designed to improve the way of working and selling Blackfin products. This accessible interactive system carries all the necessary information to guarantee a complete sales experience.

The app consists of two sections, one just for opticians and the other to share with end-consumers. The device can be used with customers to browse the models in the Blackfin eyewear catalogue together. Along with browsing the catalogue, orders can be managed by entering specific details for personalizing the product. Multimedia material about the company can also be accessed. Additionally, a version of the app will be available for the opticians served by Blackfin distributors to enable indirect sales markets to be reached.

“As comes naturally to us, we have followed our own road and created a tool that can be customized to suit all of Blackfin’s needs without having to rely on any others already on the market,” said Nicola Del Din, Blackfin CEO.

“This means we can be sure that the product we have created is a perfect fit for our style. We really wanted this app in order to ensure our image remains both unique and consistent. All our partner opticians can now have easy direct access to all Blackfin tools and information thus enabling us to bond even more closely with them and also keep them updated in real time.”

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