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A SWOT Analysis for Optical Labs

By Staff

Monday, October 8, 2018 1:03 PM
Vision Monday, Jobson Optical Research and The Vision Council’s Lab Division conducted an online survey in August, 2018 to gain an understanding of how optical laboratory executives view the current business climate for labs, and how well they think their company is prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities they encounter in today’s optical market. This exclusive SWOT analysis for optical labs, included in Vision Monday’s Modern Lab series of articles, presents a clear picture of the forces affecting labs.

A total of 87 active optical laboratory employees responded. Of the survey respondents, 65 percent work in an independently owned lab; 17 percent work in a lab owned by a lens manufacturer; 12 percent work in a lab part of a retail chain. A little more than half of lab employees responding, (53 percent) are owners and/or lab managers.

A key finding of the survey is that the greatest percentage of respondents, 29.9 percent, said “managed vision care companies that require providers to use the MVC’s lab” is the single biggest threat to their lab. The next large group of respondents, 19.5 percent, said the high cost of new technology was the biggest single threat.

For the complete survey results, including more details about the perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing optical labs today, click here.

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