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December 31, 2022 and January 1, 2023|


How a New Coating Triggered My Writer’s Fog

Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed an ultrathin, gold-based transparent coating that is able to convert sunlight into heat. It can be applied to glass and other surfaces to prevent them from fogging. Applications for the new coating include eyewear. Yet this remarkable new coating triggered a case of writer’s fog for VM’s Andrew Karp. How did that happen?
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

ECPs’ gross revenue decreased, Jobson Tracker says; Warby Parker ends 2022 with 200 retail locations; Kellogg incorporates NaviLens technology on packaging; NORA joins coalition raising awareness on seriousness of concussions; and Italy's ANFAO reports increased exports for 2022 all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

The National Average for Gross Revenue at ECP Locations Decreased for the Week of Dec. 19–25, Jobson’s Latest Practice Performance Tracker Shows

Warby Parker Ends 2022 With 200 Retail Locations

Kellogg Empowers Blind Consumers in U.S. With NaviLens Technology on Packaging

NORA Joins Coalition Raising Awareness on Seriousness of Concussions

Italy's ANFAO Reports Increased Exports for 2022, Cites Concerns About Inflation and Other Factors for 2023

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Editor's Pick

NORA Joins Coalition Raising Awareness on Seriousness of Concussions

MONROE, N.J.—The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) is among 20 advocacy groups to join a coalition to help raise awareness of the seriousness of concussions. The new coalition, “Concussion Awareness Now,” was announced by Abbott and the Brain Injury Association of America. The coalition will produce educational campaigns and other awareness efforts focused on seeking care for a possible concussion. It is teaming with actress and comedian Rebel Wilson to raise awareness of the seriousness of concussions.
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VM's News Quiz

VM's News Quiz for the Week of Dec. 25: Holiday Travelers, Honoring a Paralympian Athlete and Fast Facts About Kwanzaa

Did you follow the optical news this week? Take VM’s News Quiz to see how much you know. This week's quiz takes a look at Holiday travelers, honoring a Paralympian athlete and fast facts about Kwanzaa.
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Tweet of the Week

We Share It

Ring in the new year with a little gift for yourself, like this adorable opti-themed mug that’s perfect for dog lovers. You can purchase it on Etsy here. #WeShareIt

Optical on Main Street

Indies Celebrate the Holidays With Parties, Gift Exchanges and Opti-Fun

NEW YORK—The holiday season is full of social events, from family gatherings to Friends-Mas to, of course, the world holiday party. No matter what you celebrate this time of year and no matter what your line of work, an office holiday party is a special chance to spend time with your colleagues without discussing work or feeling deadline-induced stress. Instead, it’s a few hours to enjoy some holiday treats and get to know your co-workers in a new way—let’s face it, we spend almost as much time with our co-workers as we do our family and friends.
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