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December 10 and 11, 2022|


What Does Gen-Z Think Will Trend in 2023?

NEW YORK—For years now, a huge swath of pop culture has been influenced and even created by Gen Z. And as the generation, who USA Today defines as being born between 1997 and 2012, grows into adulthood, that influence becomes stronger. We now have Gen Z lawmakers and Gen Z parents, and some of our most famous celebrities are Gen Zers, too. To overlook their impact on culture would be a mistake. Each year, Instagram takes a deep look at its Gen Z user base to determine what’s trending now, and what might trend in the future, to create its annual Trend Report, which shows what’s important to Gen Z now—and thus, what will likely be important to the broader culture next year. From sustainability in fashion to web3, the 2023 Trend Report is a sweeping look at our future.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

CooperCompanies report fiscal 2022 sales gains; Registration opens for VM's 2023 Leadership Summit; Conference and Exhibit Hall Registration opens for Vision Expo East 2023; Doctors of Optometry embrace myopia management; and Prevent Blindness declares Geographic Atrophy Awareness Week all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

CooperCompanies Report Fiscal 2022 Sales Gains

Registration Is Now Open for VM's 2023 Leadership Summit 'Insight, Unseen: How Leaders Uncover, Design and Scale Innovations'

Conference and Exhibit Hall Registration Now Open for Vision Expo East 2023 Set for March 16-19 in New York City

Doctors of Optometry Embrace Myopia Management, AOA Study Says

Prevent Blindness Declares 2nd Annual Geographic Atrophy Awareness Week for Dec. 5-11, 2022 and Range of Resources for Patients and Health Care Professionals

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Editor's Pick

Registration Is Now Open for VM's 2023 Leadership Summit 'Insight, Unseen: How Leaders Uncover, Design and Scale Innovations'

NEW YORK—Registration is now open for the live, in-person 2023 Vision Monday Leadership Summit, which will take place Wednesday, March 15, 2023, just ahead of Vision Expo East. This year, "Insight, Unseen: How Leaders Uncover, Design and Scale Innovations" is the theme for the exclusive and influential event which attracts senior decision makers and influencers from throughout the eyecare and optical industry and profession. "With dramatic change coming from all directions, some tactics for propelling business and health care forward are obvious," said Marge Axelrad, SVP/editorial director of Vision Monday.
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VM's News Quiz

VM's News Quiz for the Week of Dec 4: A New Award at Mido, Homeland Security Changes and Increases in Food Waste

Did you follow the optical news this week? Take VM’s News Quiz to see how much you know. This week's quiz takes a look at a new award at Mido, Homeland Security changes and increases in food waste.
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We Share It

This fun, opti-themed T-shirt is cute and creative. You can purchase it in a variety of colors on Etsy here. #WeShareIt

Optical on Main Street

Indies Encourage Giving the Gift of Sight This December

NEW YORK—For many of us, a sizable chunk of December is dedicated to gifting: giving gifts, receiving gifts, brainstorming gifts and even returning gifts. When we think about gifts in December, we often think about material things such as clothes, tech and food, but this year, ECPs everywhere are encouraging patients to expand their idea of what a gift can be and instead give the gift of sight this December. What it means to give the gift of sight can range from monetarily supporting sight-saving nonprofits to purchasing a pair of eyewear for someone you love—what matters is the impact.
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