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January 16, 2021|


As Vaccines Roll Out, ECPs Get in Line

NEW YORK—Across the country, COVID-19 vaccine rollout has kicked off. Most states are still in the early phases of vaccination, which usually includes older, more vulnerable members of the population, and certain frontline and health care workers. In many states, those health care workers include ECPs. For many, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is a cause for hope, joy and celebration. Although we’ve lived through unimaginable terror and grief for the past 10 months, vaccination is a sign both of how far we’ve come and how far we can still go. To honor the science that got us here, many in the optical community have taken to social media to share the news of their vaccinations—and to share what The Cut is calling “The Vaxxie,” or the Vaccination Selfie. This weekend, we’re diving in and taking a look at The Vaxxie in the optical community.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

Versant Health names new CEO, Aflac adds vision and dental insurance, optical sales continue resurgence, EyeSouth Partners expands network and EyeCare Partners adds Texas practices all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

James Reid Named CEO of Versant Health, a MetLife Company, as Kirk Rothrock Announces Retirement

Aflac Expands Product Offerings With New Vision and Dental Insurance

Optical Sales Across the U.S. Continued a Resurgence for Week of Jan. 4-10, Jobson Practice Performance Tracker Says

EyeSouth Partners Expands Network to Include 28 Doctors in Ohio and Kentucky Through Affiliation with Midwest Eye Center

EyeCare Partners Adds Texas Practice Sites in Deal With EyeCare Associates of East Texas

Insta Pick - Noteworthy Posts From the People We Follow

Editor's Pick

Essilor and Luxottica Launch First Commercial Joint Product Offering in U.S., Ray-Ban Authentic, Enhanced With Essilor Technology

DALLAS and NEW YORK—EssilorLuxottica is launching the first commercial product leveraging the strength of the new Group by strategically combining the expertise of Essilor and Luxottica and tapping the brand appeal of its most popular lines. The company's senior executives said that its latest edition of Ray-Ban Authentic "represents the perfect match of Ray-Ban’s legendary style and Essilor’s expertise in sight."
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VM's News Quiz

VM's News Quiz for the Week of Jan. 10: An EssilorLuxottica Product Launch, New Year’s Resolutions and Product Winners at CES

Did you follow the optical news this week? Take VM’s News Quiz to see how much you know. This week's quiz takes a look at an EssilorLuxottica product launch, New Year’s resolutions and product winners at CES.
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Made a new year’s resolution to cook at home more? Make it that much more fun with this opti-themed apron, which you can pick up on RedBubble.

Optical on Main Street

Unexpected Ending Gives Rise to New Opportunity

When life gave Myria Reese, OD, lemons, she got to work making lemonade. This past summer, she received a one-month notice that her corporate contract was ending, and she had to make some tough decisions. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” she said. “I didn’t want to abandon my patients—I had been seeing many of them for eight years.” She finally decided she wanted to open her own practice, an idea that was pushed to the top of the priority list. After getting several recommendations to look in the Fairfield community near her home in Cypress, Texas, she found an empty location. She worked with a broker a colleague recommended, secured the location, and began a renovation. This article originally appeared in Women In Optometry
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