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January 02, 2021|


It's Time to Turn the Page and Begin Planning for 2021 Industry Events

NEW YORK—Meet the New Year! Let’s hope it’s not the same as the old year (with apologies to The Who, of course). For starters, let’s look as optimistically as possible at the great opportunities and expectations awaiting us personally and professionally in 2021. No looking back. We find that a positive way to start a new year is with a Planner of some sort (we’re old school and like the paper version, but there’s plenty of digital tools for this, too). This makes it easy to record and plan for key events in the New Year.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

Optical sales experience decline in product categories, congressional directive will delay implementation of the FTC Contact Lens Rule, nominations for 2021 National Optometry Hall of Fame open, Ohio State Optometry Clinic open for patients, and US Eye partners with three optometry practices in Florida all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Optical Sales Experience Substantial Declines in Service/Product Categories

Congressional Directive Will Delay Implementation of the FTC Contact Lens Rule

Optometry Cares Opens Nominations for 2021 National Optometry Hall of Fame

New Ohio State Optometry Clinic Open for Patients

US Eye Partners With Three Leading Optometry Practices in Southwest Florida

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Editor's Pick

VM Delves Into Corporate Social Responsibility With Its December Feature, ‘Making a Difference Matters’

NEW YORK—Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, has been a part of our business landscape for quite some time now. But like any good social purpose movement, CSR continues to grow, change and at times, even reinvent itself as current events and societal changes take hold. The term CSR is all about businesses and, in turn, employees, being good “corporate citizens.” Supporting a common social good allows companies to contribute to their community, locally or elsewhere in the world, connect with customers, establish positive employee participation, and ultimately expand awareness of their brand.
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VM's News Quiz

VM's News Quiz for the Week of Dec. 21-28: The Color of the Year, Tackling Vaccine Myths and a Contact Lens Study

Did you follow the optical news this week? Take VM’s News Quiz to see how much you know. This week's quiz takes a look at the color of the year, tackling vaccine myths and a contact lens study.
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Tweet of the Week

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New year, new hanger for your white coat, right? You can pick up this special, personalized one on Etsy.

Community Voices

Doctors’ Funniest Zoom Mishaps From Medscape

As Zoom meetings have become the norm over the past year, these virtual calls have fueled countless mishaps, laughs and embarrassing moments for practitioners. While the number one mistake may be thinking you are muted when you are not, read on for some other funny video faux pas, which include surprise video bombs from pets and unexpected appearances from family members. This story originally appeared on Medscape’s website.  
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