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May 02, 2020|


Listen Up, Tune In and Chill Out: People Turn to Podcasts for News and Information

NEW YORK—Echoing an old line, it seems to be the best of times, and the worst of times, for podcasts and podcasters. Yes, most people have a lot more time on their hands and are looking for new forms of entertainment. But, on the other hand, commuting to work is way down. The train or bus routes that had been one of the places podcasting flourished have almost ceased to exist. The bottom line is that the podcast sector is a bit of an unknown right now as the U.S. market closes in on two months of work-from-home and a shelter-in-place mentality. One thing seems certain, though: news podcasts, including those focusing on COVID-19 developments, are among the most popular subjects among listeners.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

Eyemart Express to reopen 72 stores, The Vision Council sends stimulus letter, Jobson's latest practice performance tracker, AOA issues updated patient guidance, and free eye health curriculum for children all topped this week's VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Eyemart Express Plans to Reopen 72 Select Stores to Provide Essential Eyecare

The Vision Council Shares Stimulus Letter to Congress

Jobson Practice Performance Tracker Shows Uptick in 2 Product Categories

AOA Issues Updated Patient Guidance on COVID-19 and Reopening Timing

Prevent Blindness Provides Free Eye Health Curriculum to Help Children Learn

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Editor's Pick

A Majority of Eyecare Practices Expect to be 'Up and Running' Within a Week, After Receiving Official Go-Ahead, Jobson Survey Finds

NEW YORK—Slightly more than four in 10 (41.2 percent) eyecare professionals who responded to a Jobson Optical Research survey said they expect to be "up and running" their practices immediately once given the required regulatory approvals and go-ahead. And three in 10 (29.9 percent) said they believe they could reopen “within one week” of receiving the official go-ahead, according to the results of the Jobson survey released today. These were among the findings of Wave 7 of Jobson Optical Research’s ECP Coronavirus Study. Wave 7 of the survey asked, for the first time, how many more weeks the practice could survive without being permitted to reopen. More than 40 percent of respondents estimated the practice could survive no more than four weeks under these circumstances.
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Tweet of the Week

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These opti-themed wall decals are trendy, fun, and make all your quarantine redecorating whims easy peasy. You can pick them up on Etsy here. #WeShareIt 

Community Voices

Switching Gears: The COVID-19 Experience From an Optometry Student’s Perspective

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Like most fourth years, I had expected to spend the last months of optometry school seeing patients in clinic, with a focus on becoming licensed in my state, of course, and job hunting. Just a few weeks ago, life was on track. Fast forward to now, and I’m sitting in my room, watching the videos my classmates made to commemorate our time together since graduation has been canceled, and wondering, what’s next? Here’s what it’s like to be dealing with the pandemic as a fourth-year optometry student.
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