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April 04, 2020|


8 Things (Some Free) to Keep You Distracted From Thinking About That Other Thing

NEW YORK—Good morning. It’s Saturday, in case you’ve lost track. The start of the weekend and time to take a break and relax. Yes, in fact, it might be a good day to get out and ….. oh, wait. We’re not doing that now. If you’re in New York, New Jersey, New Orleans or many other places around the nation, what you need is a distraction—a fun and tranquil diversion—to get you through the weekend. So here are eight things that we believe will carry you through the weekend and take your mind off that other stuff going on out there. At least it’s a start on what to talk about on your next Zoom happy hour.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

Luxottica to donate hundreds of thousands of medical masks, VSP Global expands access to essential medical eyecare to all insured members, Mido moves 50th anniversary celebration to February 2021, Vision Expo announces Virtual Connections program, and Essilor names new CEO in reorganization all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.   

Luxottica to Donate Hundreds of Thousands of Medical Masks

VSP Global Expands Access to Essential Medical Eyecare to All Insured Members

Mido Show Moves 50th Anniversay Celebration to Feb. 6-8, 2021

Vision Expo Announces Virtual Connections Program to Launch in Mid-April

Essilor Names New CEO in Reorganization to Speed Integration With Luxottica

Insta Pick - Noteworthy Posts From the People We Follow

Editor's Pick

Jobson’s Wave 4 ECP Survey: Closings Increase Across U.S., ECPs Worry About Staff, Use of Telehealth Grows

NEW YORK—ECPs are reporting more office closures in more parts of the U.S. as the coronavirus pandemic grows in more regions, and their response to the Jobson Optical Research 4th Wave of its ECP Coronavirus Survey, conducted March 28-30, reflects their growing business concerns, especially as it impacts their employees, learning how to navigate state and federal stimulus resources. For those that are focusing on offering urgent and emergent care, they continue to reconfirm the importance of being available to patients by providing remote or mobile telehealth consults. Given the reduced hours and closings, the majority of 4th wave ECP respondents said they were using phone calls, emails, texts and social media to reach patients. 
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Tweet of the Week

We Share It

Mentally redecorating the office while you're socially isolating? You can grab these decals on Etsy to make your dreams a reality (eventually!) #WeShareIt

Optical on Main Street

To Address COVID-19: A Helpful Tool for ECPs to Use in the Pandemic and Beyond

NEW YORK—If the pandemic has not impacted your practice yet, it’s just a matter of time until it does. One of your goals in a time of decreased revenue collected is to downsize expenses to avoid going negative on your practice cash flow. This specially designed spreadsheet is designed to help you achieve that goal. This article will show you how to use the spreadsheet to guide your practice not only in these difficult times but also as we climb back out of this problem. There are four pieces of background information important for you to know.
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