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March 28, 2020|


There are Doctors in the House, and Eye Doctors in the Senate

Medical doctors have always been part of American political life, from the founding of our nation to the present day. Many physicians have held public office throughout the years on the local, state and national level. A total of 52 physicians have served in the U.S. Senate to date, according to the official Senate website, Many others have served in the House of Representatives. Currently, there are 18 doctors serving in the 116th Congress, including four who are Senators. This is significant since doctors, particularly those who become lawmakers, can be influential voices in battles over federal health care legislation, one of the most urgent and contentious topics of debate in this election year. Among the 18 doctors who are presently serving in Congress, two of them are eye doctors.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

AOA announces expansion of COVID-19 response, CMS postpones MIPS deadline and grant exclusions, Essilor of America takes steps to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus crisis, The Vision Council releases Midpoint March COVID-19 study, and My Eyelab and Stanton Optical to offer only telehealth all topped this week's VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

AOA Announces Expansion of COVID-19 Response

CMS Postpones MIPS Deadline, Grants Exclusions Due to COVID-19 Crisis

Essilor of America Takes Steps to Mitigate Effects of Coronavirus Crisis

The Vision Council Releases Midpoint March COVID-19 Study

My Eyelab and Stanton Optical to Offer Only Telehealth in Response to COVID-19

Insta Pick - Noteworthy Posts From the People We Follow

Editor's Pick

Third Wave of Jobson’s ECP Coronavirus Impact Study Reveals Business and Personal Impact from COVID-19 Is Widening

NEW YORK—As the number of COVID-19 cases grow and more parts of the U.S. put "shelter-in-place" requests and mandates into place due to the coronavirus pandemic, the impact is growing more pronounced in the provider sector of business. Accompanied by many practice and retail location closings, the escalation of business concerns—and accompanying stress levels—are evident among the responses of eyecare professionals taking part in the third wave of the ECP Coronavirus Impact Study, conducted by Jobson Optical Research. For example, the latest survey queried ECPs about what they need most right now to help them get through the situation. The highest response of 56.7 percent was "to understand unemployment resources."
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No better time than now to support small businesses, and no better time than now for a drink (whiskey, wine, orange juice, chocolate milk, your choice). You can pick this on-theme cup up from Etsy. #WeShareIt 

Optical on Main Street

Independents Rally to Spread Positivity Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

NEW YORK—There is absolutely no making light of our current situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is an international tragedy, and there’s no denying that—but in times of extreme unhappiness, it’s important and helpful to be positive where and whenever we can in order to help ourselves and those around us get through an otherwise overwhelming period. For ECPs, this pandemic has ultimately meant many practices either have been or will be forced to temporarily close their doors until it is safe to open up once again. But in spite of this, ECPs all around the world have been coming together to spread positivity and messages of help and hope however they can. This week, we headed over to Instagram to take a look at how independent ECPs are doing their part to keep spirits up.
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