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March 14, 2020|


‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar’

Did you know that today is National Pi Day? Why? Because today is 3.14, the value of Pi, a mathematical concept and a number that never ends. Oh and by the way, it’s also International Fanny Pack Day and National Potato Chip Day. I’m not really sure who makes up these sometimes bizarre honorary days but let’s face it, now more than ever we need a little break from what’s happening in the world. And if like me you’re hungry for some positive news with a dose of inspiration mixed in look no further than last Sunday's International Women’s Day
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

EssilorLuxottica reports strong results for 2019, Marcolin terminates contract with Massimo Renon, Kootenay Optometry joins FYidoctors, Vision Expo to expand 'Reimagination' features at West, and The Vision Council examines consumers’ attitudes about COVID-19 all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

EssilorLuxottica Reports Strong Results for 2019

Marcolin S.p.A's Board of Directors Terminates Contract With Massimo Renon

Kootenay Optometry in British Columbia Joins FYidoctors Organization

Vision Expo Working to Expand 'Reimagination' Features at Vision Expo West

The Vision Council Examines Consumers’ Attitudes About COVID-19 in a Survey

Insta Pick - Noteworthy Posts From the People We Follow

Editor's Pick

AAO, AOA Offer Members Practical Information and Updates About Coronavirus Pandemic

NEW YORK—Now that the World Health Organization has officially declared the widespread outbreaks of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, to be a pandemic, health care organizations around the world are stepping up efforts to inform their members about the rapid spread of the coronavirus while offering advice on how to prevent themselves and their patients from contracting it. Two of the leading professional organizations in the U.S. that represent eye doctors—The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Optometric Association (AOA)—are actively monitoring the situation and providing frequent updates to members via their respective websites.
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Tweet of the Week

We Share It

As long as there’s cabinet space, there’s good reason to buy more optical themed mugs. You can grab this one from Not on the High Street here. #WeShareIt


Yes, Wash Your Hands—But Enough of ‘Happy Birthday’

NEW YORK—Let’s be honest: standing at the sink and washing your hands for 20 seconds can get boring pretty fast. Expert advice has told us to sing Happy Birthday twice in a row to ensure we’re hitting the full 20 second mark and protecting ourselves from COVID-19 as best as possible, but Happy Birthday can be sung in a few different tempos, which makes that advice a little confusing. On top of all that, the song can turn into an earworm pretty quickly—and, potentially, ruin all future birthdays by making us think back on this scary, uncertain time. 
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