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February 15, 2020|


I’ll Think About That Tomorrow

We all know one—somebody who puts things off to the last possible moment—The Procrastinator. Some people put off little things, like organizing a closet or tidying up the garage. Then there are those who put off the big stuff—filing taxes in August instead of April, not paying bills on time, or postponing yearly medical check-ups—and that’s when serious consequences can ensue. As a writer and editor for Vision Monday, I am all too familiar with co-workers (including myself) pushing the deadline.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

Visionaries to be honored at SUNY Optometry Eyes on New York Awards, Kering Group reports strong momentum for Kering Eyewear, healthcare branding and smart glasses experts join VM Summit program, Allergan reports sales gains, and Safilo Group acquires 61.34 percent of Prive Revaux all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.


Visionaries to be Honored at Annual SUNY Optometry Eyes on New York Awards

Kering Group Reports Strong Momentum for Kering Eyewear in FY 2019

Healthcare Branding and Smart Glasses Experts Join VM Summit Program

Allergan Reports Sales Gains for Both Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019

Safilo Group Acquires 61.34 Percent of Privé Revaux

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Editor's Pick

Myopia Management: Developing Myopia as a Practice Specialty

Myopia is not a new vision condition, but the growing awareness of the eye health risks associated with this common ophthalmic disorder, especially among eye-care professionals, is a somewhat contemporary phenomenon. Indeed, myopia is the most common ophthalmic condition in the world, with an estimated 34 percent of the world’s population, or roughly 2.62 billion people, affected by this condition, according to recent research. This increasing awareness, while beneficial to global eye health and vision, of course, also has begun to open up fresh practice-building opportunities for ODs. 
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There’s no such thing as having too many sweatshirts, right? You can pick this one up on Etsy

Optical on Main Street

Independents Felt the Love Ahead of Valentine’s Day

NEW YORK—Taken, single, or somewhere in between, there’s plenty of love to go around this time of year. Although it can be easy to feel cynical—or to not want to play into the consumerism and wastefulness surrounding a holiday like Valentine’s Day—there’s also no question that we all need the little boost of brightness, love, and sugar-induced happiness, that Feburary 14 brings. When it comes down to it, celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean an expensive dinner at a stuffy, crowded restaurant. It can also mean spending time with your friends and family, or taking your dog out for an extra-long walk, or—as many independents are doing—getting in the spirit by decking out the office in more hearts than Kim Kardashian’s Instagram notifications.
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