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February 01, 2020|


Creatures Teach Scientists About Depth Perception

It’s been 66 years since the Creature from the Black Lagoon emerged from its swampy lair and crawled onto big screens of cinemas across the country. Horror movie fans who saw the 3D version of the movie enjoyed the thrilling special effect by looking through anaglyph glasses with one red and one cyan lens that the theater provided. Now, in a sort of role reversal, scientists are outfitting some real creatures—praying mantises and cuttlefish—with tiny 3D glasses. They then showed them images in specially designed “cinemas” and observed their reactions.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

The Vision Council hosts executive summit, Safilo's preliminary sales rise in 2019, AEA investors weighing a sale of 1-800 Contacts, Vision Expo reimagines education offerings, and Think About Your Eyes launches new website all topped this week's VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

The Vision Council Hosts Annual Executive Summit

Safilo Group’s Preliminary Sales Rise in 2019

Report Says AEA Investors Is Weighing a Sale of its 1-800 Contacts Holding

Vision Expo East 2020 Announces Reimagined Education Offerings

Think About Your Eyes Launches Enhanced Website

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Editor's Pick

Two Consumer Health Experts Join VM’s Summit Program

NEW YORK—Two experts in consumer health have joined the growing roster of speakers at the Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit, the theme of which is “The Future of Healthcare: Beyond 2020.” Kip Webb, MD, MPH has been successful in leading healthcare reform as a pediatrician, a professor, and a business leader. He is an advocate for healthcare that is patient-centric, affordable, reliable, and transparent. Dr. Webb worked with Accenture for 12 years, most recently serving as managing director, chief clinical innovation officer. Also joining the Summit program is Stu MacFarlane, chief marketing officer for Internet Brands Health, which includes WebMD, Demandforce, Officite, iMatrix and Vitals. MacFarlane is also responsible for launching new consumer health businesses, including the recent launches of WebMD CareWebMDRx and WebMD Labs.
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Tweet of the Week

We Share It

Thinking about getting some new business cards before trade show season kicks off? This set from Zazzle offers the perfect mix of old school charm and modern design. #WeShareIt 

Optical on Main Street

Taking the Frame Show Out of the Office

We took a new approach in hosting our trunk show at the end of last year, showing our appreciation by inviting patients to join us at Fleming's restaurant, which is located in our shopping center. We thought our patients would appreciate an invitation to a holiday champagne brunch at a nice restaurant versus bringing them back in our office as we've done in the past. As much as our patients like our office, it's still a nice change to be treated at a fine restaurant. The special format, which we advertised as a Sip + SEE, was well-received and a big success.
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