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August 17, 2019|


Back to School Lessons on Children's Eye Health

NEW YORK—Remember the feeling of starting a new school year? Kissing summer goodbye was always a bit of a drag, but there’s something about the crisp, fresh start of a brand new school year that still makes me excited. There’s so much potential in a new year—so many classes to enroll in, friends to make, lockers to decorate, stuff to learn—that it feels impossible not to associate the start of the semester with a bright, lively future. As parents, kids, teachers, and the rest of us gear up for the back to school season, the optical community is getting involved as well. A new year means new books, new sneakers, new glasses, and an ever-important reminder about children’s eye health, and how their eyes affect their performance in school.
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In Case you Missed It - VMail's Top Stories of the Week

OWA preps for Expo West events, SightMD makes N.Y. acquisition, Chinese tariffs to start this fall, plans underway for CL Health Week and EOA and actress Marsai Martin join forces on eye health for kids all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

OWA Announces Two Vision Expo West Events

SightMD Announces Acquisition of Westchester Eye Associates in New York

Chinese Optical Products Are on Updated 10 Percent Tariff Lists Starting This Fall

CDC and AOA to Team Up for Contact Lens Health Week

Essilor of America and Actress Marsai Martin Join Forces on Eye Health Awareness

Insta Pick - Noteworthy Posts From the People We Follow

Editor's Pick

As 2020 Approaches, ODs Evaluate Options for Practice Ownership and Transitions

NEW YORK—With the year 2020 on the horizon, ECPs are quickly approaching a period filled with new opportunities and challenges. An aging population, higher incidences of diseases that impact eye health and new areas of practice focus may herald an era of continued growth for the profession. Advances in telehealth, industry consolidation, the digital revolution and broad changes across retail in general are creating tough challenges. Consolidation—involving both big corporate players and private equity-backed groups—is seen by some as the most pressing issue facing the independent optometrist. In its cover topic this month, VM looks at options the independent ODs are evaluating today.
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Tweet of the Week

We Share It

This week’s #WeShareIt is the sweetest opti-themed kids' sweatshirt from indie boutique Star & Bean. Check out their website to pick it up for the little ones in your life.

Optical on Main Street

Dr. Maria Briceno Martin Takes a Leap Forward on Dream of Practice Ownership

Maria Briceno Martin, OD, vividly recalls the moment when she decided she would take the leap forward on her dream of practice ownership. It was August 2017, and her second daughter was just one year old. As she was feeding the baby on a Friday afternoon, Dr. Briceno Martin’s husband Greg poised the question if opening an office was still her plan. “I was happy and stable, and I had a great job,” Dr. Briceno Martin says of the position she’d held for the past decade with an OD/MD group. “It was an ideal experience but I always felt like something was missing.” By Monday morning, she was ready to have a conversation with her employers about her future plans. And six months later she opened Lakes Family Eye Care.
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