February 24, 2018|www.visionmonday.com


Let the Game Show Begin (on Your Smartphone)

We’ve all been there. Those afternoon hours sandwiched in between lunch and quitting time, when all you want to do is take a nap. Coffee just won’t do the trick and snacking just leads to more drowsiness. But there’s a new game in town that might help you snap out of your afternoon doldrums. It’s called HQ Live Trivia or HQ Trivia for short. The smartphone app, which broadcasts twice a day, allows users to participate in a live trivia game. So instead of shouting out answers in front of your television, HQ Trivia lets you play the game from the comfort of your smartphone. An ultimate social media connection of sorts. Sounds pretty addictive, because it is.
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Kentucky eyecare bill moves to Senate, WestGroupe names COO, Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety debuts, SECO gearing up to open and VM Summit expands telehealth session all topped this week’s VMAIL news feed. Click on the headlines below to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Legislation Limiting Online Eyecare Moves to Senate in Kentucky

WestGroupe Names Michael DeBono Chief Operating Officer

Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety Debuts to Advocate for ‘Patient Eye Health’

SECO International Annual Congress Opens Feb. 28 With Almost 400 Hours of CE

VM Summit Expands Telehealth Session With New Topics and Speakers

Meet the Start-Ups: Veteran Wholesalers Get Back in the Game

NEW YORK—When Essilor bought several of its biggest U.S. wholesale distributors in 1996, it sparked a consolidation trend that quickly spread throughout the industry. That trend, driven by a push by suppliers to vertically integrate their businesses, has drastically reshaped the Rx lab business in the U.S. Now that the consolidation trend is winding down, a handful of new independent labs have emerged prompting us to ask ‘Why is now a good time to start a new lab?’ Here’s what we learned as we kick off The Modern Lab, a new quarterly series that explores trends impacting wholesale labs.
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This weekend’s #WeShareIt comes from VM’s #TuesdayTreat which can be found at Sun and Stars. These are the eye-deal pillows for staying in and enjoying a lazy, cozy weekend at home.

All Dogs Allowed: Live Eyewear Invites Employees’ Four-Legged Pals to the Office

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.—Dogs are some of the most intuitive, caring and loyal pets to have. They have the capabilities to provide therapeutic effects, and let’s face it, we all could use the calming effects of an English bulldog on some hectic work days. Well for Kieran Hardy and the team at Live Eyewear , any and every day is bring your dog to work day. Live Eyewear allows employees to bring their dogs to work in an effort to not only lighten up the work mood, but to ease the minds of employees who are also dog owners.
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