Like many safety eyewear leaders, Hilco Vision reports it has been a “steady climb out of the pandemic,” and that the company has seen an increased need for safety frames in nearly all the channels it serves. “Our global team has been working hard to pivot as needed,” the company said.

The company noted, “The OnGuard brand has a heritage in the industry that drives our internal team to continually innovate. We are focused on new styles developed by our internal design team and we are looking forward to sharing these innovations which build on the ongoing success of our USA collection.

“Given the breadth of the OnGuard safety portfolio, our ability to customize a safety program for any practice is a hallmark of the Hilco Vision commitment to supporting the industry in this critical eye health category.”

A spokesperson for Hilco Vision/OnGuard, told VM, “More and more ECPs are realizing the value that an Rx Safety program can bring to their practice and are taking steps to maximize their investment. We have worked alongside our customers to better manage their overall category strategy by assisting with product rationalization, reviewing program goals, and suggesting new styles that fill any gaps.

“These customers have seen business double and even triple in some cases! A little attention goes a long way toward a more productive program and a bigger revenue stream and we have partners that have seen this firsthand.”

How can independent ECPs capitalize on the current climate? Said the spokesperson, “With a focus on actually prescribing a pair of Rx Safety frames when appropriate, ECPs are not only protecting a patient’s eyesight—the most important reason to make this recommendation—but also are providing protection for expensive fashion frames when the patient is on the job. This is a win-win for both the patient and practice.”