CINCINNATI—Super Optical is launching the Optical Profit Center, an online tool that lets eye-care practitioners calculate the profits they can earn through a small lab set-up and dispensing area. ECPs can enter their own costs into the calculator and receive an accurate figure of what they can save and earn by adding lens surfacing to their practice.

By using the Profit Calculator, ECPs can determine their monthly lens savings, monthly profit from retaining patients, and their potential additional monthly profit by installing Super Optical’s FastGrind in-office lens surfacing system. According to Super Optical, offices can generate up to $40,000 in additional profits annually by producing two digital progressives a day, one clear and one AR. The FastGrind system can be paid off in less than one year by using the same model, the company said, adding that FastGrind will save thousands of dollars on lab bills, attract more patients with faster service, allow for control of finished lens quality and increase patient satisfaction and referrals, the company said.

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