Product: CSI Modulo One inspection system
Top Line: The third in a series of 11 new products that make up Schneider’s Modulo One line, CSI Modulo One features an advanced lens inspection system.
Close Up: CSI Modulo One detects cosmetic defects fully automatically and absolutely dependably, at the highest level, according to Schneider. The optical system screens the surface for irregularities, and characterizes and evaluates them with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It detects any common defects such as scratches, pits, center dots, haze, chatter, cutting marks, spiral and fringes. Automated cosmetic surface inspection guarantees consistent, objective evaluation.
The smart system mimics individual decision-making patterns to reflect the labs’ unique quality standard. All labs have to do is teach the system by feeding it decisions. This way, CSI Modulo ONE knows what constitutes a go or no-go. It understands what kind of defect(s), in which combination, in what intensity and in which zones, is deemed acceptable. Labs can implement the same quality routines across locations to guarantee the same standards everywhere. Apart from this, labs can also opt to apply differing standards depending on the demands of the product or brand produced.
Vital Stats: CSI Modulo ONE comes with an on-board global interface philosophy that allows connection to the Modulo system. Once connected to the Modulo system, the machine works as an integral part of this one-of-a-kind solution and is subject to the centralized monitoring Control Center. The lab manager is fully informed about the current status of the machine. Therefore, critical situations and downtime can be avoided before they arise. Higher uptimes and increased yields are assured, according to Schneider.