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NEW YORK—Do you know that Instagram is vitally important for your social media presence? But maybe you are unsure how to establish a meaningful presence on this increasingly popular visual platform. A new guide to Instagram, "Your Optometry Guide to Marketing on Instagram" has just been released by EyeCarePro. The guide is available for a free download here.

The staff at EyeCarePro pointed out, "We’ve been guiding optometrists in every area of their online marketing since 2005, and we think it’s about time we invited you to the magical world of Instagram. According to info from Statista, Instagram boasts more than one billion users, and its usage amongst U.S. adults has gone up to 37 percent. Rapidly catching up to Youtube and Facebook, Instagram’s demographic is not just kids, although more than half of their users are younger than 34. And while it used to have a stronger female clientele, the male/female ratio is now split almost 50/50. As these numbers continue to grow and expand, Instagram becomes more important to businesses looking to connect with their customers."

The new guide walks users through what Instagram is, why it should not be feared, and why you should be using it, how to navigate the platform, how to set up your profile, and how to post. Plus, the Guide includes best practices and top tips from successful optometrists on Instagram.

The section, "ODs on the Gram," offers tips and advice from practitioners who are using Instagram to great effect.