EyeCarePro.net Offers New On-Demand Webinars

NEW YORK—EyeCarePro, the digital marketing company that helps optometric practices manage their online presence, has posted a new resource center on its updated website, displaying its many instructional webinars on a range of topics. As Daniel Rostenne, CEO of EyeCarePro points out in the group's blog this month, "We've posted lots of webinars over this past year with several leading optometry experts and partners. We’ve managed to cover many interesting subjects and strategies including Reputation Management in the Age of HIPAA, a crash course on Social Media for Your Practice, and even how to Market Medical Specialties such as scleral lenses, ortho-k, and, of course, vision therapy."

He added, "We often get requests for video recordings of our past webinars.Now we've decided to put all those webinars in one place for visitors to peruse at their leisure, and watch On Demand." Access to the new webinars page is free.

The page also spotlights upcoming webinars. Also posted on the EyeCarePro.net site are a range of e-books on a variety of digital and social media topics, also available at no charge.