Classes for the Masses: CE Shines at Vision Expo

NEW YORK—The extensive continuing education program at Vision Expo East offers eyecare professionals the chance to brush up on the latest treatments and technologies and covers everything from contact lens to business management to disease and pharmaceuticals. But what topics were ODs most excited about learning this year and how will they use this newfound knowledge in their practice?

“We brought in some staff and took them to continuing education sessions,” said Jeffrey Kegarise, OD, of Cool Springs Eye Care in Franklin, Tenn. “It’s a great team bonding experience. We set goals together, sit down and try to accomplish them and take that back and report to the rest of the staff.”

Aleksandra Wianecka, OD, owner of Vision for Life in Babylon, N.Y. said that recently she has doubled her optical sales and wants to ensure she is doing all she can to offer her patients the utmost level of quality and protection by offering the latest ophthalmic lens technologies.

Wally El-Hitamy, OD, owner of Lakeway Eye Center in Lakeway, Texas was at Expo for the business management classes. He looked for new strategies in order to “supercharge his dispensary” and provide his patients with the “wow factor.” Upon returning to the office he hoped to implement new ways to motivate his staff, enhance his patients’ overall experience and elevate the level of care his practice provides.

While Olga Womer, OD, of Campus Eye Center in Lancaster, Penn. came to Vision Expo to learn “what everyone comes to Vision Expo for: what’s new in eyecare.” She is most excited about the Melton and Thomas lecture on pharmaceuticals and also hopes to learn more about meibomian gland dysfunction.

"One reason I came is for the education,” said Amy Boyer, optician, Wessner Eye in Pine Grove, Penn. “In particular, I took a class called 'Troubleshooting PALs' that was excellent. I got a lot of valuable ideas to take back to our practice."

Carlos Santiago, OD, of Family Vision Center flew all the way in to New York City from Ponce, Puerto Rico to learn the latest treatments for eye allergies and dryness. He has a large percentage of patients who suffer from ocular allergies due to seasonal changes in Puerto Rico. He said that “the Winds of Sahara from Africa bring with them dust and dryness to the Mediterranean” and he hoped to learn the latest treatment techniques for allergies and dry eye in “The Best Anterior Seg Course Ever.”

Saria Iqbal, OD of Hackensack, N.J. was also interested in “The Best Anterior Seg Course Ever” and said “she hopes it lives up to its name.” She was looking for one comprehensive course to provide her with clinical pearls in treating dry eye, allergy and infection.