Working in an office has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. It means the whole team can be together and communicate more effectively—but it can also lead to delayed commutes, tired employees, and lots of distraction. And while employers might imagine things like Facebook and Instagram are eating up time during the workday, it turns out that employees are much more distracted by one another than anything else.

According to a new poll by Udemy and Toluna, a leading global marketplace for online teaching and learning, 80 percent of people report being distracted by chatty coworkers, making it the number one office place distraction. General office noise comes in as the number two distraction, with 70 percent of those surveyed reporting it. Only 56 percent of people reported social media as a workplace distraction.

The report also found that reducing these distractions can increase employees’ productivity, motivation, confidence and overall happiness. Take a look at the chart below, created by Statista, to see where each workplace distraction comes in on the list.