Independent Brand l.a.Eyeworks Goes International for 40th Anniversary

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LOS ANGELES, Calif.—This year, independent eyewear brand l.a.Eyeworks is celebrating its 40th anniversary. A staple of the independent eyewear scene for over a generation now, l.a.Eyeworks has spread far beyond its Californian roots. To celebrate 40 years, the brand is leading an international window display campaign, which kicked off on September 9. The campaign art will appear on the facades of more than 80 optical retailers in seven countries, and features a custom graphic design, printed on transparent vinyl. The graphic depicts two signboards which say “Raise Your Glasses!” and “Uncensored Visions Since 1979,” floating above the l.a.Eyeworks logo, which has been modified to add a decorative “40.” L.A.-based artists Nina Palomba designed the placard artwork, and graphic designer Mike Fink created the logo. Read More