20/20 Magazine: Alec & Ashley


This is new territory for 20/20. Sure, we’ve interviewed celebrities and actors about eyewear. And there’s been volumes of text via our deep past as eyewear press purveyors when it comes to chatting up eyewear designers, those fascinating Artists of the Frame. And 20/20 has long considered the “slash” joining the two “20s” in our brand name as representing a certain sense of style set with a swirl of cache. But here we stand on a frontier-future of SPECulating with the renowned Alec Baldwin as he basically goes at it via answers AND questions with eyewear designer Ashley Bezamat on the occasion of being framed and fitted with Dom Vetro eyewear. Conceived and handcrafted right in Bezamat’s Los Angeles studio, Dom Vetro is set to establish frame standards of American-made eyewear in a manner and matter that is at once artisanal, classic and energetically futuristic. Read More