Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian is still on its way. While many people who live in the southeastern United States are evacuating the storm, some are remaining in their homes. Either way, it's important to prepare your home before you leave or board up, in order to minimize damages and potential injuries. Because preparing for a hurricane can be overwhelming, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC have shared an infographic and list to help those in the path of the storm. Before you go, make sure to bring in or secure any outdoor furniture you might have, move electronics and important documents to the highest level of the house to avoid or minimize flood damage, cover windows with plywood, trim dead limbs from any nearby trees, and ensure your car has gas. If you're staying at home, make sure to only run diesel generators outside, to avoid carbon monoxide poisioning, and bring your car indoors if possible. Head over to the CDC to check out the infographic, and read more about preparing for Hurricane Dorian.