Answer Key for VM's Crossword - Week of September 13

We hope you enjoyed VM's Crossword for the Week of September 13.

Here's the answer key (in case you got stumped).

2. wi-fi internet access hotspot
4. wedding bands inos
6. pats on the back kudos
9. Passes that go awry interceptions
12. Famous football quote from the 40th President winoneforthegipper
15. biblical garden eden
16. cause of blurry vision cataract

1. 6-pointer touchdown
2. what did you say huh
3. a plant or a part of the eye iris
5. Italian whey cheese ricotta
7. excessive drinker wino
8. _____Rockne knute
10. "Dressed to the____" nines
1. god of medicine and healing apollo
13. largest existing land animals elephants
14. male sheep ram