Virtual Try-On Platform Creates 3D Face Model from Selfie


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Product: PlanetVA vmPRO app
Top Line: PlanetVA, a private company registered in Australia and Europe with a 16-year footprint in the virtual eyewear try-on arena, is launching its latest eyewear virtual try-on platform, vmPRO. By just taking a selfie the app creates a 3D face model of the user in seconds. This app leverages current augmented reality trends and the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to allow the user to view their eyewear in every direction simply by dragging the face. Its unique reflection simulation permits the user to experience premium lens features in real time.
The PlanetVA vmPRO app has the fastest and easiest user experience of
any high-end virtual try-on available today, according to PlanetVA. It also allows the user to easily change and try on sunglasses and optical frames without
recalibration. As a result, the service offers a faster and simpler way
of virtually trying on eyewear. This is important for an online presence as most users click away when they need to wait for too long and it is equally important for the major search engine rankings.
Ludwig Heymbeeck, founder of PlanetVA, said, "Our commitment and focus
on creating the ultimate mobile experience allows retailers both online
and in-store to provide the most robust and efficient virtual try-on
experience to date. We also plan to introduce additional features of
vmPRO such as accurate optical measurements and integration with our
style assistant app by the end of this year.
"Unlike our competitors, we have not applied for patents yet, as we want
to keep our solution proprietary. It will allow us to be better
positioned in order to adapt to the fast-changing world of technology
and use the latest and best available algorithms for the end user," Heymbeeck said.
PlanetVA's North American solution, slated to launch later this year, will
position independent optical retailers with what the company described as “a total retail solution aimed at creating new patient experiences.”
“Our partnership with a network of eyecare professionals specializing in marketing, equipment and e-commerce will give PlanetVA the necessary tools to deliver this exciting new ecosystem,” Heymbeeck remarked.
Close Up:
• Smartphone, tablet, and desktop compatible. Users can showcase their eyewear on all platforms thanks to the latest HTML5 technology. Compatible with all the modern smartphones, tablets, and computers.
•Realistic presentation. Dynamic 3D display of glasses including both temples and lens reflections.
• Automatic facial features recognition. PlanetVA’s 3D facial features recognition algorithm allows for a fully automatic eyewear fitting experience.
• No need for specialized photography. PlanetVA only needs a front view and side view of your eyewear (or a 3D digital model). There is no need to ship products to them. The company processes your images and make them suitable for our service.
• Cost efficient. Affordable 2D entry solution available (vm2D) that can be easily upgraded to vm3D and vmPRO whenever required. No switching costs and no time to wait.
• Easy integration. Just a simple line of code needs to be included in your website. Integrates with all content management and e-commerce systems such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Hikashop, VirtueMart, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
• Custom branding. Colors, fonts, multi-languages, and compositions can be independently specified so feels like part of your website. Compositions such as pop-up view, try-on view, and catalog view are standard available. Customers can add their own company branding.
• Analytics ready. Existing analytics packages such as Google Analytics can be used to track virtual try-on events.
• Highly reliable hosting. Choose between PlanetVA’s dedicated hosting facilities or alternatives such as Amazon AWS.
• Social sharing with all the major social media networks.
• A dashboard is an optionally Do-It-Yourself (DIY) image processing upload solution to avoid per-product setup processing costs.
Vital Stats: Click here for an online demo of vmPRO.