Product: WayAround
Top Line: WayAround is the app for your smart device that provides on-demand details about everyday things for people with vision loss. The app works with smart WayTag NFC tags to add helpful, accessible info to just about anything. It also provides extra details, like how something works or when it expires.
Although WayAround was designed for people with vision loss, it works for anyone with colorblindness, low vision, no vision, or deafblindness. Sighted people also use it, and WayAround is especially popular with gardeners, according to Blind Insites, which developed the product.
Close Up: WayTag come as stickers, buttons, magnets, and clips. All styles of WayTags work exactly the same, so users should choose a tag based on how they’d like to attach it. Once the WayTag is on an item, the user enters the information they want to add. The description field is a text field and it is what is heard (with VoiceOver or TalkBack) every time the tag is scanned. Users can also enter details, which they would only hear if they swipe through. Blind Insites has pre-defined details for things like clothing, groceries, and cleaning supplies. Users can also enter custom details, including clickable phone numbers, email addresses, and hyperlinks. WayTags can be edited as many times as needed.
Vital Stats: WayTags can purchased at and at many low vision centers and online retailers in the U.S. and internationally. Attach a WayTag to any item, then use the app to read or write information. Users get the info through VoiceOver (for iOS), TalkBack (For Android), or whichever accessibility settings they’ve chosen on their iPhone. The WayAround - Tag and Scan app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.