IDOC Launches New Social Media Marketing Service

Product: IDOC Social Media Marketing Service
Top Line: IDOC is launching a new marketing service designed to tap the potential of popular online social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.
Close Up: IDOC Social Media provides customized weekly posts that reflect the activities, voice and culture of each participating practice.
“Millions of people are daily users of Facebook and other social media outlets,” said Maddie Langston, practice marketing consultant. “Here at IDOC, we want to make sure that our members are taking full advantage of these powerful online platforms to connect, communicate and engage with people on a weekly basis. Now more than ever, that means being visible on social media.”
The new social media marketing service uses monthly consultations, collaboration and coaching to set goals, establish priorities and more effectively plan promotional content. IDOC Insider, a proprietary data and analytics tool, helps guide the timing and direction of the online posts, including practice updates, special offers, seasonal subject matter and eyecare tips.
“We know how to portray the value and personality of each practice we work with via customization to each practice,” said Langston. “That’s what matters to people in a social media setting, and we make sure that IDOC members stand out.”
Just as important, the new service frees practice staff from the time and effort that successful social media marketing requires. IDOC Member Dr. Brian Sirgany of Sirgany Eyecare put it this way: "Our practice struggled to create, post and maintain our social media accounts. The social media tasks were delegated to staff to do in "down time" and no one loved maintaining these accounts in addition to their regular responsibilities in the office. However, since adding this new service from IDOC, our social media presence feels and looks professional, relevant and personalized to our office culture."
Vital Stats: The new IDOC Social Media Marketing Service is available to alliance members for a monthly fee of $299.