ESE International Launches New B2B Website

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Product: ESE International’s newly launched B2B website.
Top Line: ESE International has launched a new B2B website designed by Jobson Interactive.
Close Up: The new ESE International site features an improved and streamlined approach to its customer login area, as well as upgrades including the ability to check the stock of an item, a rapid order feature, the ability to save favorites, and the easy identification of new releases. In addition, media and image downloads are easily accessible to all logged in users. ESE president Jason Shyer said, “The upgrades we have made were all based on requests we’ve received from both our customers and sales team… We also plan to expand on our platform to provide users with even more information and accessibility in the near future. In summary, our new site improves our company’s customer service capabilities significantly.”
Vital Stats: All users will be asked to re-register to the new website as a security measure, including those who have used it before. Shyer explained, “We have placed an emphasis on increased security. While we understand it is somewhat of a nuisance to be asked to re-register for any website, this step was absolutely necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of our business and our users. We have taken every step possible to make this process as seamless as can be.”