Product: Zeiss AntiFOG Wipes
Top Line: Carl Zeiss Vision announced the availability of Zeiss Antifog Wipes in stores and online at various retailers.
Close Up: The latest addition to the successful Zeiss Lens Cleaning Solutions line joins the brand’s broad assortment of pre-moistened wipes and other cleaning accessories on retail shelves, providing retailers another source of reliable recurring revenue.
“Mask wearing will remain part of our collective reality for the foreseeable future and according to our research, 74 percent of eyeglass wearers complain about masks causing foggy lenses,” said Ruben Tellez, global marketing director, Zeiss Lens & Screen Cleaning. “Our new Antifog Wipes make the experience a bit less onerous with an easy solution that fits neatly in a purse or pocket.”
Vital Stats: Zeiss Lens Cleaning Solutions also include Zeiss Lens Wipes, Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kits and the original Zeiss Fog Defender System, which consists of a spray and cloth in a convenient resealable case. Another recent addition to the line, Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes, are designed to clean gently and effectively without damaging mobile device screens. Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes were recently made available at Sam’s Club and named the “Best Portable Screen Cleaning Wipes” by Good Housekeeping magazine.