Introducing Peeps Lens Cleaner


Product: Peeps Lens Cleaner
Top Line: The Peeps lens cleaner from Dynamic Labs uses an advanced technology currently employed by NASA in space on the International Space Station as well as use by the U.S. military.
Close Up: Peeps is a safe, all-natural, and effective lens cleaner that works on the molecular level. It uses the carbon molecule to clean the lens surface while killing bacteria.
Vital Stats: There are two parts to each device: a recharger and a cleaning pad. While the device recharges, an electronic reaction occurs that alters the position of the carbon molecules in the formula-restoring the cleaning pad. There is also a “green” antibacterial solution added to ensure each time it is used, the lenses are sanitized. The device can be used hundreds of times.; (888) 339-6264; (631) 231-7474