Dynamic Labs Intros Versatile Blocking Pads


Product: LensPro Precision Blocking Pads
Top Line: The Precision Pad from Dynamic Labs was designed specifically to be used on most AR coated lenses as well as uncoated lenses.
Close Up: The unique adhesive design will hold exceptionally well on hydrophobic coatings but will also release easily and cleanly without leaving any residue. This advanced adhesive enables the pad to be manufactured thinner than other standard pads, which helps to eliminate twisting as well as slipping.
“Creating a blocking pad that will eliminate breakage and slipping was a major priority,” said Steve Zwerman, Dynamic Labs COO and chief designer. “This blocking pad resolves some of our customers’ biggest edging problems with a pad that is easy to use and not excessively priced.”
Vital Stats: The Lens Pro Precision blocking pad is available in most shapes and sizes.
www.dynamiclabs.net; (888) 339-6264