BPI Intros Diamond Dye 460/510


Top Line: BPI Diamond 460/510 is a new addition to the therapeutic tint line-up of BPI Blue Filter Vision 450, Diamond Dye 500/550 and BPI Diamond Dye 540. BPI Diamond Dye 460/510 is a cut-off tint which blocks light of wavelength shorter than 460nm when tinted light and values up to 510nm when tinted more darkly.
Close Up: This tint blocks violet/blue in this spectral range very well, and should be helpful in protecting the eye from these light colors, which have been implicated with macular degeneration. This tint does not inhibit seeing the traffic signal colors; it passes the European traffic signal recognition requirements, so it can be used while driving.
Vital Stats: BPI noted that since the blue sky is darkened to a gray green when viewed through this tint, sport shooting enthusiasts will find this tint an aid in spotting skeet targets against the sky.
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