BPI Intros 550/570nm Cut-Off Tint


Product: BPI 550/570nm Cut-Off Tint
Top Line: BPI’s new 550/570 cut-off tint (BPI Product #37889) joins the ranks of BPI UV-Blue Barrier 440, BPI Winter Sun 450, BPI Diamond Dye 500/550, and BPI Deep Red Monochrome 600.
Close Up: This red-orange to red tint is beneficial when the short wavelength end of the spectrum (violet, blue green) needs to be blocked. These uses include blue blocking for greater out-of-doors contrast against the blue sky and blocking of blue/violet for ARMD purposes. It may also provide a higher transmittance lens option for red-green color blind patients.
Vital Stats: BPI noted that for those seeking a true 550nm cut-off, this tint will reach that point much more quickly than the 500/550 tint.
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