Ultra Optics Intros Fully Automated Backside Coater Plus Care Program


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Product: Ultra Optics 44R
Top Line: Ultra Optics’ new 44R is the first of its kind, fully automated backside coating machine. This conveyor-fed, robotically loaded machine, coupled with Ultra Optics’ new Ultra Care Program (UCP), delivers ophthalmic labs cost savings and improved yields.
Close Up: Incoming work is fed directly from the conveyor after the polisher. The robotic arm picks the lenses from the tray and places it into the processing portion of the machine. This automated system minimizes handling errors as it is repetitive, predictable and has been programmed to adapt to virtually all lens thicknesses.
Advanced PLC controls scan the bar code on the work ticket to confirm if the job is to be coated or passed through. Additionally, codes in the LMS can be set to have the 44R simply wash the lenses without coating them. The large color touch-screen makes it very simple to monitor all states of operation.
The lenses are processed while still on the surfacing block. This provides many advantages such as front side protection and the elimination of high-index lens warpage.
Separating the heated wash and dry modules allows for a more thorough wash and decreases breakage. A longer drying cycle also improves the long-term stability of the coating in the reservoir.
Vital Stats: The Ultra Care Program is a technology agreement that supports the 44R. It features a simple one price per lens model that allows customers to accurately know your monthly expenditures for each job going through backside spin coating.
The agreement includes:
• A supply of Ultra Optics coating. Ultra Optics will supply as much coating as needed to process all of the lenses through the 44R.
• Spare and Repair parts are fully included. At any time of the agreement, simply email the Ultra Care Program Order Form with the necessary items and Ultra Optics will send them immediately.
• Maintenance visits from an Ultra Optics technician
Click here to download the 44R product literature sheet.
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