Lea Symbols and Numbers on Reichert’s ClearChart 4X and ClearChart 4P Digital Acuity Systems


Product: Lea symbols and Lea numbers ClearChart 4X and ClearChart 4P Digital Acuity Systems.
Top Line: Reichert Technologies’ www.reichert.com/clearchart ClearChart 4X Enhanced Digital Acuity System and ClearChart 4P Polarized Digital Acuity System now contain Lea Symbols and Lea Numbers optotypes.
Close Up: These optotypes are considered the standard for pediatric acuity testing and are calibrated in accordance with the Landolt C optotype series. Lea Symbols are easier for children to identify and both new sets of optotypes blur equally when presented to the patient.
Vital Stats: Compatibility with existing Reichert Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction System and SightChek Digital Phoroptor is possible with a software update. Contact Reichert technical support or a local Reichert authorized distributor to arrange a software update for your digital refraction system.
www.reichert.com/clearchart; reichert.information@ametek.com