Product: Visionix Eye Refract
Top Line: Luneau Technology USA introduces Visionix Eye Refract, which delivers “next generation refraction” to help clinicians practice at the top of their license and empower staff to do more.
Close Up: The compact Eye Refract system takes up eight square feet and is comprised of a highly automated, binocular, and dynamic digital phoropter combined with wavefront-based auto-refractometry and keratometry (AR/K), a digital acuity short chart and integrated lens analyzer. Results from a 2018 published ARVO study demonstrated that Eye Refract generated accurate prescriptions with more repeatable results when compared to peer-to-peer refractions.
Among the hundreds of upgrades based on user feedback, clinicians can now use keratometry data collected from the Eye Refract system to fit soft contact lenses without having to run the patient through another instrument. This new release introduces Physiological Refraction to help ECPs quickly identify the patient’s comfort zone and find the balance between clear and comfortable vision. Additional improvements were made to the algorithm and wavefront laser, resulting in faster and more accurate results on a wider diversity of challenging patient demographics.
“Our second-generation Eye Refract is an exciting leap forward because this new version incorporates years of customer feedback and associated technology improvements,” said Dan McNulty, president of Luneau Technology USA. “With accuracy and reproducibility backed by our published ARVO study, confident delegation of refractive data collection to a moderately trained technician in the pre-test room is possible. Technician turnover and the associated impact on patient flow was one of our customers’ biggest concerns, especially ECPs who desire a more efficient office. The second-generation Eye Refract resolves a major piece of that puzzle, leaving clinicians free to focus on patient consultations while technicians—regardless of experience—generate consistent and accurate recommended final prescriptions along with other pre-test data.”
Vital Stats: Luneau Technology clinical staff train new users to follow a scripted, tablet-driven process that generates accurate recommended final prescriptions in about four minutes. Visionix data integration makes it possible for clinicians to access and review the final recommended prescription and all standard pre-test data before seeing the patient in the exam lane. While it enables the technician to generate a recommended prescription, the final review and approval process remains with the clinician.
ECPs interested in Eye Refract or any Visionix technology can visit to book a virtual demo and ROI consultation.