GPN Releases New EdgePro Features and Enhancements


Product: EdgePro
Top Line:
GPN Technologies is releasing four major enhancements to EDGEPro, a business intelligence software for optometric practices. The new features offer substantial customization options for prioritizing and monitoring key practice metrics, uncovering revenue trends, exploring transaction-level details, and setting custom goals for improving their bottom line, according to GPN.
Close Up: EDGEPro’s new home page features a customizable dashboard with an innovative, flexible interface that can be personalized by each user. With drag-and-drop functionality, it allows the user to select which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be showcased on their home page.
Updates to EDGEPro’s popular Opportunities Dashboard has been expanded with the addition of a new core metric, overall Capture Rate. Users can now track this critical KPI with a single mouse-click. In addition, users will be able to set a custom goal for each metric on the dashboard, automatically calculating the potential revenue gains for various benchmarks.
The latest features update also gives users the ability to drill down to the performance details from several key reports by using hyperlinks that instantly deliver lists of specific transactions. For example, users can view top-selling frame brands and, by clicking the new link, will be able to view all of the associated transactions from the brand chosen.; 833-EDGEPRO or (833)-334-3776